Thursday, December 8, 2016

#20 "..."

A day.
Berlalu seperti biasa.
Cuma lewat lagi sampai u.
Rumah yang sepatutnya boleh sampai 10 minit, makan sejam naik public.
We got to see many people around.
We got to know many places around too.
Positive thinking is always good.
Today, i learn some quotes.
Just to share with this unnoticable place.
"How did you work hard"
'The thing is... just do it. Yes, just do it. That shows it.'
"Why am i not?"
'Though, you must be a genius!'
Someone who is not working hard but succeed must be a genius. And might have a boring life by getting high marks and receiving compliments along the way.
But i am not a genuis. So my life brightens with flaws around.
Not getting good marks some day.
Not getting compliments, just deserve  getting advices to always improve myself. Always being told to do better.
And it really is brightened. So that i have some reasons to live more. To achieve more. To do better. And change.
May the road to Him gets brightened as well.
Should practice english.
Sebab banyak kali terminum semut, takut lupa.
So, sleep well !

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