Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#4 Person And Life

There is a person.
Who wants to live a life, within a dare in own life.
Life is so good to live it on.
But without a proper plan, it would be rather difficult and frightening.
Yes. It is scared. Scared to death towards the people around and the environment surround. 

Life and hope. It is firmly attached.
There is a farmer wishes to be a boss, working in the air-conditioned cozy room.
There is a driver wishes to drive a plane rather than a common car.
There is a country-side girl wishes to be in the palace, such what she watches everyday through the fairy tales.
There is a teacher wishes to be a lecturer.
There is a student wishes to work as if it is an honorable thing to earn money himself.
There is always someone who wishes to be another. 

But life does not offer you that. Life does not offer you to be others, but life offers you to be a better person from day to day, month to month, year to year.  Within your own courage and desire, you will definitely be. All the hardships made you.
He tries to be good.
He has a desire to write something that could encourage people. 
He tries to make this writing a new beginning in life. That life is not for waste. Life needs to be used as a platform to make deeds. Good deeds for others, as well for self.

Person And Life.
Try to be good for self and others.
Np: When You Say Nothing At All.