Saturday, December 18, 2010

being scolded make me more ignorance^^

this is my first time writing the blog using english,,
seing my frens using this language makes me wanna try once,,,
but i'm not sure i will use fully english ,,i gues that i will juz mix to juz 'rojok' ,,hehe,,
First of all,,,let me start with our Saidina Ali k.w.'s say:

"of all the follies in this WORLD,the greatest is one who loves the World"

this sentence makes me wondering of the condition in the world now,,
there are so many people who learns about deenul ISLAM,but what the nonsense they are doing???ignoring the lesson,,,without a long thought,juz let themselves sinful,,,oh,,,may ALLAH protect me from those hellish thing,,that's terrble,,

~lets juz see how the women out there didn't care about their way of clothing,,,
do they care they wear scarf or not??letting the guys watch their body all around,,,,where is the pride??where is the shame,,,SHAMELESS!!,,
juz make it clear,,in AL-ALQURAN al-KARIM,,suratunnur:31,,ALLAH has told us,muslimat,,that we have to protect all over the body except the hands and face...the command is juz for muslimat's pride themselves,,,huh!! dont know what to say,,,hehe,,,

due to what the title tells,,,i have been scolde by my dad today,,,hehe,,,i'm failed to hang the clothes in the washing machine,,,with the witness of ALLAH,,i forgot!!!very2 forgot!!
so,,i feel a bit stressed juz now,,,hehe,,,that's why i make the title ''being scolded makes me more ignorence,,i juz make a 'toye' face but at the same time i take my father's advice into my heart..
maybe i am careless in doing houseworks,,,abit ,,oh!!forget to say that i have hanged the clothes in small mchine,but i forgot about the big one,,,i have done it juz now,,tonight!!haha,,no wonder my dad scolded me,right???how dare i am,,
so the lesson i have got today is,,i have to do my best in doing houseworks before making my own things[facebooking,blogging,and watching movies] oppsss,,,where is ibadah LILLAH???
it is the main thing in our life,,,unnecessary to be stated,,let juz make it our diary ourselves,

okeh,,,enough for today,,,my big bro demand his lappy,,,so,,i have to go,,,
a successful english blogging,,,,till we meet next time,,,may ALLAH bless us with joy and hidayah along our lives,,,syukran jazilan wa ilalliqo',,

ALLAH cause we meet in the happy and sad time,,,it teaches me a lot of experinces,,,thankss to all my frens with the all sincerety and best frenship i've got throughout the year,,,
lets together love ALLAH,,,so HE will always luv us to be met in JANNAH,,tq!!

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